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10 May 2014

Often, residential buildings, offices or hotels built with modern style seemed so elegant, beautiful and comfortable when the interior space is designed and arranged by attending the atmosphere and feel of ethnic and antique. The mood and feel of ethnic and antique it can be done by placing various ethnic interior decoration and antiques in the room in harmony and proportion.

Of course, the placement of interior decoration in the room must also consider the layout of the various equipment rooms that have specific functions such as cabinets, tables, chairs and others. It is very important to create harmony in the laying of these items in a room. Interior decoration and antique ethnic itself consists of several types, namely a table decoration, decoration wall hanging or floor decoration (ornaments placed on the floor like a jar, a statue or other ornament shapes).

Special room for the stylist who wants to beautify or embellish the interior space with wall hangings and table decorations, they have many options for using decorative wall hangings and table of copper metal which is very beautiful, interesting and artistic design results Hastuti Menik Yuli and her husband of Editha Art Craft.

Various interior decoration is handicraft production of copper metal Editha Art Craft can be a decorative wall hanging or a functional table (having a specific function) as a pen, pencil, pen or other writing tools, there is also a work of pure art that is not has a specific function other than as a decoration of the room.

Metal Cooper Ornament Crafts from IndonesiaViewed from the side of handicraft manufacturing techniques interior decoration, Art Craft Editha manufacturing techniques are also divided into two major groups, ie groups of interior decoration products made by casting techniques and the interior decoration items are made through techniques or chisel wrought. Meanwhile, the raw material side, Editha Art Craft also divide the raw material into two major groups, namely the interior decorative handicrafts made of metal used (scrap) as the piston of used and secondhand printing batik.

With the assistance of permanent employees who are experts in their fields as many as 3 people and five additional employees, Editha Art Craft is capable of producing 350 pieces per month of various types of handicraft items made entirely of metal which is hand made. For metal handicrafts made by Editha carved Art Craft memproduksisebanyak average of 50 pieces per month, while the production of metal handicrafts made by printing (casted) using cetgakan (molding) could reach 300 units per month.

Metal Handicrafts from Indonesia Cooper ornamentTo meet the needs of raw materials in the form of copper metal sheets or bars, usually Menik get it from a metal supplier in Boyolali or Singapore, but for a metal raw materials used (scrap) can usually be obtained from about Jakarta itself through existing suppliers around the capital.

So far Editha Art Craft still focused marketing activities metal handicraft products in the surrounding area Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabotabek). Because, the market in the region is a large enough market and great potential. Currently Art Craft Editha routinely supply craft products, decorative metal to customers, some companies like Metro TV satasiun, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), Ciputra Group, a television station SCTV, PT Bintang Beer and others. Handicraft products that are generally used as a souvenir or a memento for the relationship, guest or partner company.

Art Craft Editha Although until now not been doing product export metal handicrafts, but many foreign buyers who come to the production house Art Craft Editha to purchase a variety of craft products developed copper production house. Foreign buyers who often come to them Editha Craft Art from India, Belgium and the United States. Some of them have already made several repeat orders.

Cooper Metal Ornament antique handicrafts from IndonesiaFor a variety of interior decorative works of art from the metal, with Editha Menik Art Craftnya sell these goods with reasonable prices vary depending on the size and complexity of design. Interior decoration metal craft the smallest to the most simple designs are usually sold at relatively cheap price of Rp 50,000 per unit, while the interior decoration metal craft with the largest size and most complex designs are sold at Rp 1.5 million per unit.

In addition to developing the interior wall decoration craft and tables, lately Editha Art Craft also developed a form of interior decoration of the metal statue. In total so far Editha Art Craft has developed a product design interior decoration craft about 500 items.

Enjoy claimed to improve the business value of interior decoration products handicrafts, Editha Art Craft continues to develop new designs and antique ethnic more artistic, but still in accordance with or following the trend of demand in the market.

Although Menik educational background is not in the design field (but a legal scholar), but by learning autodidak Menik terpendamnya able to develop talents in the field of product design and interior design through to see internet access, reading magazines and books interior design combined with ideas own design.

Editha Art Craft

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Edithaartcraft start the business in 2001 in Jakarta. In the beginning it was run only as a part time


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